Types of knife blades

I am often asked about the different types of knife blades. Here it is the shape of the blade.
There are dozens of different types of blades, but for this article I wanted to focus on the most popular types that you will find on most knives today.
Many of them present modified variants as knife makers today try to add something new to the market and propose their own designs.
Yet, in one way or another, all are derived from these types of standard blade. As always, when choosing the best knives (best spyderco knives for example) to suit your needs, you should consider the type of blade and be sure that this choice best fits the intended uses. Let’s look at the different types of blades …

Types of knife blades
Normal or flat blade
It is quite simple – it has a straight blunt back and a curved edge. Since the back is not sharp it allows you to use your hand or fingers to apply extra pressure to increase the cutting force. It is often the type of blade that is used on a multifunction clamp / knife. Overall, it’s good for chopping or choping. Yet the blunt back adds some weight to the blade so this knife tends to be a little heavier.
Clip-point blade
It is formed when you take a normal blade and “clip” (cut) back which results in a finer tip. This fine tip allows you to cut hard-to-reach places and provides additional control. A Bowie knife is a classic example of a knife with a clip-point type blade. Usually, the clip is concave but it can also be straight.
Trailing-point blade (raised point)
Types of knife blades1
It has a distinctive trailing edge which curves upwards and thus improves the slicing capacity. The large curve is often referred to as “belly” and a big belly is particularly useful for skinning. The curve results in a lighter knife compared to the normal blade. This style of blade is also popular on net knives.
Drop-point blade (falling point)
It uses a convex curve on the back of the knife near the tip that opposes the clip-point which uses a concave curve. The convex curve is less suited to drilling but offers more force than a clip-point type blade. You will find many modern pocket knives today having drop-type blades as this blade is effective in most applications.
Spear-point blade (spear point)
It is symmetrical, that is to say, it presents the curved back and blade. They can be pointed on both edges (edge and back) or only on one edge, such as penknives. Generally, you will find a spear point in daggers and other knives designed to be pushed or thrown.
Needle-point type blade
It is also symmetrical but thins much more so is not particularly strong. However, it can be used effectively to pierce or penetrate. The strong point of the needle-point type blade is great and you will tend to see this blade in most daggers intended for close combat just like the spear-point blade.
Spey-point blade
It got its name to be used to “spey” (animals). It has a straight edge that curves up at the end with a relatively small clip on the back. This type of blade does not really offer a tip, so it is not good for penetration but is very effective at removing the skin from animals.
Teno type blade
It has a sharp edge inspired by Japanese swords that provide excellent resistance. The tanto name originally referred to the broken tip of a samurai sword that was very effective in piercing armor. The tanto knives have no belly, so they will not be able to slice, but to compensate for this gap, they possess a great force in the tip that can penetrate anything. You will find some different varieties of tanto blades. They become very popular in some tactical knives.
Sheep-foot blade
Types of knife blades2
It is almost the opposite of the normal blade by offering a straight edge and a blunt back that is largely straight and then bends at the end. These knives can be tightly controlled by the fingers being placed on the blunt back and were initially used to cut the sheep’s hooves. Ideal for chopping but missing a sharpened tip (which can be an addition in many situations because it prevents accidental stabbing).
Wharncliffe Blade
It is a thicker blade but very similar to the sheep’s foot blade, but the curve of the rear edge begins to curve towards the end much earlier and therefore at a minimal angle. These blades were generally used by sailors because the shape of the tip was designed to prevent the sailor from stabbing himself because of being shaken by the waves.
Knife blade
It is usually found on smaller folding pocket knives and similar in shape to the spear-point blade but with a more gradual curve. One side is sharp and the other blunt as you will find on a Swiss Victorinox knife and other similar pocket knives.
As always, you should choose a knife with a blade that best suits your needs. Naturally, there is no single type of blade suitable for all applications, we recommend you to think about the use of the knife and after determining the type of blade to choose.
Here are some examples of some forms of knife blades today. Note that on some popular knives there are often two types of blades to choose from, so it is not necessary for each knife to have a unique blade type

Is It Important To Know About Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow?

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Do you know the benefits of wearing a watch?

In today’s life, we have many kinds of jewelry to beautify. So many people do not pay much attention to accessories such as watches, glasses, pens … Psychologists say that wearing a watch of any kind speaks a lot about your personality and style. The following is some information on this.
First of all, it is expensive: You are the one who spends a lot of time on the job. Those who wear expensive watches are often unique people and have achieved a lot of success in their work and life. Beside that they know to save to get rich. Most watches are expensive and durable. More than that, most watches use the cheap 18650 batteries.

cheap 18650 batteries
The second, it is highly technical: many people feel that life is pointless if they do not have high tech clocks including convenient features such as weather forecasts, attached calculators, Most people use this type of watch who are smart, dynamic and fancy variety. Especially the difficult tasks and always want to go ahead of time.
The third, many people use watches to make jewelry: If you like stylized watches like luxury jewelry. This proves that you are the person who likes to communicate, love, enjoy the meeting and always want to make new friends.
The fourth, it is fashionable: If your watch has the name or logo of a well-known designer, it proves that you are not just a modern look of life but a person of luxury, aesthetic sense.
The fifth, it is a uniquely designed watch: Some people love watches which have three faces, wheels on the inside of the main watch face, a lot of buttons. People who like this type of watch are usually optimistic, laughable, playful and childlike.

cheap 18650 batteries1
The sixth, the watches have Roman numerals: If you wear this type of watch, you would love to go to a good restaurant, listen to classical music, and have serious outfits. You are also on time and very rarely late for appointments.
The seventh, clock types do not have numbers: The people around you can hardly put pressure on you because you are capable of logical thinking, creativity and always know very well what you want to receive from life.
The eighth, It is a simple electronic clock: You are a dynamic, creative, inquisitive person. You are always about to make new decisions and ideas. You like simplicity and convenience in everything.
Finally, people do not wear watches: People who are not dependent on watches are often sloppy, easy-going, adaptable and active. These people have no time to spare because they always find a lot to do. They are also the ones who often find the best and simplest solution, though not the fastest.
How to choose a wristwatch

cheap 18650 batteries2
If you are romantic and dreaming you should choose the gentle, gentle clock patterns.
Rock clock models are also great for you. In addition, in some cases, you can pick up a little strange style to create a new excitement for yourself.
However, if you are practical and always alert to yourself, look for elegant, graceful watches. Pay attention to select the clock which has the watch surface clear, even simple.
It is very useful if you are a person who loves to explore new things in life: Unique watches are your favorite words, so you will also fit in with unique watches and personalities. , even a little strange to keep your mind is always active and inquisitive.
Finally, if you are innocent, cheerful and easy to approach why not choose the type of watch lovely, elegant and not too strong will be suitable for you.
The information in this article will be very useful for many people who want to buy a wristwatch pleased with themselves. Why do not you try to make yourself a watchmaker, I am sure that it is good for you. Good luck to you.

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