Have a beautiful lawn in only 5 steps !

Preparation of the ground, sowing, passage of the roller … the 5 key steps for a beautiful lawn. For a beautiful lawn less water-hungry, opt preferably for grasses resistant to the dryness. To loosen the ground to the hobby machine before sowing the lawn. And be sure not to miss zero turn lawn mower reviews .
Cleaning the land

The use of a motor hoe over 100 m2, is usual to loosen the soil while pulling the grass in place that you will previously mowed very short. The ground should be neither too wet nor too dry and the weather should announce a sunny period.

Make two crossings at very low speed to take the time to root out. If the strawberries turn too fast, the grubbing may be incomplete and the soil, reduced to dust by the machine, will compact to the first rain!
Tip: Then let the ground take the sun, the herbs that have not been completely destroyed will dry up.
Leveling the soil

Using a fang or claw, remove the tufts of grass. Remove rooted plants, especially those with swiveling roots and broad leaves. There may be a few grasses left without any problems.

Level the ground to the hook or to the shovel to shave the buttes and to close the holes and finally to the rake to eliminate the clods, pebbles and roots. Use a lawn roller to get a properly packed seed bed.
Hint: Wait for weeds to emerge from the weed after they have been raked to destroy them more easily.

Sow the grass regularly

Choose a mix corresponding to the use of the lawn (amenity, games …).
Thoroughly mix the seeds to be sown because the smaller ones tend to fall to the bottom, the seedling would obviously not be uniform.

Hold the package or bucket with one hand against you and sow the other on the fly, throwing the seeds on the ground in front of you.

Advance in a straight line and always sow at the same pace: take a step, grab a handful of seeds, take another step, then throw away the seeds and so on.

Avoid sowing when there is wind!
To sow a large piece of land as regularly as possible, divide it into several plots using twine to better locate you.

Cover the grass seeds
For a less hazardous seeding, use a wheeled seed drill. It will be necessary to distribute about 40 g / m² of seeds, that is 1 kg for 25 m². After sowing, use a rake to bury the seeds under 1 cm of soil, no more. Rake superficially, once forward, then backwards so as not to risk moving the seeds.

Wear flat shoes so as not to leave traces in which the seeds tend to accumulate.

Skip the roller

Roll again the ground stirred by the rake to improve contact between the seeds and the soil and until there are no tracks of roll or pitch. The soil must be dry, otherwise the soil as the seeds will adhere to the roller!
Use a model of about 80 kg, the maximum average weight of people who will walk the lawn … Heat and humidity then promote a rapid seed lift. If the rain fails, water to keep the ground moist until the first mowing and beyond.

Ideally it would rain after planting, so in southern France, do not sow too late in the spring
First care of the grass after a sowing

It is important that the soil remains fresh. When you water, do it gently without causing puddles, rather often than abundantly. Simply use the sprinkler that will be used for the lawn.

Weed Control
Eliminate large-leaf plants that have nothing to do in your lawn by pulling them by hand or with a weeding knife.

Some seeds rise in 5 or 6 days, and the emergence is complete in 3 or 4 weeks. When the lawn reaches 5 cm in height, roll it to promote its implantation and the emission of new roots. The soil should not be moist.

First mowing

Mowing occurs when the emergence is complete and the strands are 8 to 10 cm tall. Set the cutting height to a minimum of 4 or 5 cm to help grass roots and pick up the grass in the basket. Pass the roll one last time to “rechausser” the blades of grass.

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